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everything is changing

Recently I've been going though some changes in my life, I'm trying new things that are out of my comfort  zone, it's definitely scary but it's also exciting. change can be hard but at the end when you look back and you see how far you've changed and grow you'll be grateful that you had that courage to take the first step to a new life.

So in that spirit I've decided to change things a little bit around here, I wanna add more stuff to this blog like  beauty tips, fashion, diet ideas and everything that is beauty related.

And I will definitely keep doing the "look for less" posts because I love doing that.
Please tell me what you think and share your ideas with me. is there anything you'd like me to do ?

get Kylie Jenner's look for less

Kylie was spotted out and about in Beverly hills wearing an all black outfit with a white pair of sneakers and she looked amazing as always, she also posted a picture on her Instagram wearing the same outfit.

To get this look all you'll need is a black bomber jacket a black leggings, and a black top, you can use any top you like it only needs to be black, to complete this look you'll need  white sneakers, a black handbag and sunglasses
 That is it for this look I hope you liked it, and let me know what you think about it in a comment.

Gigi Hadid look for less

Gigi Hadid is one of my favorite models I love her style in and  outside the runway, I don't know why I never did a look for less that's inspired by her, but I guess it's never too late for that. so let's get to it.

 To achieve Gigi's look we'll need a white leather jacket, a white shirt and blue jeans, to complete this look we'll also need a black belt, a black handbag and ankle boots.  
 That's it for today I hope you liked it, and don't forget to share it with your friends.