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coachella get the look: Kylie Jenner, Nina Dobrev and Vanessa Hudgens

This year the Coachella music festival was amazing, I enjoyed it so much. And it can't pass by without sharing some of my favorite outfits and how you can get a cheeper alternative.
Kylie Jenner Kylie's outfit was very basic, you can get the mean pieces form almost everywhere. to get this look you'll need a white t-shirt, denim shorts, ankle boots and a backpack .

Nina DobrevTo get Nina's look you'll need a white bodysuit, I found the exact one here you will also need a black skirt a kimono, ankle boots and a black floppy hat .

 Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens has one of my favorite styles and her Coachella outfit did not disappoint.
To get her look you'll need a white denim overalls a white lace up crochet top, a denim shirt to tie up around your waist like she did and a brown booties.  
I hope you found this helpful if you want me to do more Coachella get the look please let me know in a comment below or in my twitter or Instagram.

Coachella Music Festival: outfit guide

Coachella is one of my favorite music festivals, the music is great and you get to discover great new  artists and bands, I like how the outfits, hair and make up are on point, the hole vibe there is wonderful.
Dressing up is my favorite part, it's so mush fun, and you can go over the top and be creative with your outfits.  

outfit N 1 for the first outfit I paired a crop top with denim shorts and a black gladiator sandals, for accessories I used an arm band, a  necklace and a floral headband.
 Outfit N 2 If you wanna look a little nicer this outfit is for you, it's a rose printed romper paired with  booties  and backpack , you can layer as mush accessories as you like but I decided to go with a  choker, hand chain and ring set and sunglasses .

outfit N 3For this look I paired a crop top with a skirt,sandalsand a wide brim hatto keep you safe from the sun, of course you can't forget about the accessories and for this look I added anarm cuff  and a body chain.   

When you go t…