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Lea Michele gym outfit

Hello and welcome back to my blog, now that spring is here I thought that it was about time that I get myself a new athleisure wear, well I need more than that if I am being honest, but the reason that I am mentioning it is because I stumbled upon a Lea Michele's Instagram picture while she was on the gym  and she gave me both body and outfit envy.
So for today's Post I am going to recreate her gym outfit, so if you are interested keep reading to get more details.
Her look is quit simple you will only need two  things first thing is a sport bra and the second and last thing are leggings and I found this set from Adore Me and that's all you will need to recreate her look.

that is it for this post I hope you liked it and found it helpful if you did please let me know on a comment and  you can also share it with your friends, also, if you need any more inspiration check out Adore me's athleisure collection for more cute sets.


  1. I've always loved her style. This is super cute!

  2. Working out is necessary and everyone should get time for this on a regular basis. I practice yoga at home and usually I wear beautiful Carbon 38 workout clothes that inspire me every day to get up for my yoga sessions.


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